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Baby Showers are fun events, filled with laughter, activities, gifts for the baby and advice for the parents-to-be. The origin of baby showers cannot be pinpointed exactly, but many people believed this practice dates back to the ancient times. During the Victorian Era, the Baby Shower was simply a Tea Party, held in the afternoon. The guests were the closest female friends of the mother-to-be, and they would gather together to talk, to wish the new mummy good luck and give small gifts for the child. It was a simple and quaint event.

Baby Showers were very popular in the US but are becoming more and more popular in the UK now. Here are several popular Baby Shower traditions:

- Historically, Baby Showers were hosted by someone who was outside the Mummy-to-be's family, such as a friend or a close co-worker, but today, almost anyone can host the Shower, including Sisters, Aunties or Best Friends of the Mummy-to-be.

- Baby Showers are held when the Mummy–to-be is at least seven or eight months pregnant, when her tummy is very obvious already.

- Traditionally, women were the only ones who went to the Party, especially during the early times. However, today, men, especially the Mummy-to-be's Husband or Partner, are also invited to the Baby Shower.

Why not book an Afternoon Tea Baby Shower in our Essex venue. Enjoy our wonderful Afternoon Teas in our Garden Brasserie with a baby theme - only available for bookings of 12 people and under. We can accommodate bookings of over 12 people for a Baby Shower Afternoon Tea in one of our Function Suites - please note there would be a room hire charge, in addition to the Afternoon Tea price, for Baby Showers in one of our Suites.

Our chef will theme some of your cakes to help celebrate the happy event. Please note, you must state at the time of booking that you would like a Baby Shower Afternoon Tea, so that Chef can create your special cakes.

For more information and to check availability, please contact our Reception Team on Tel: 01375 891402 or email:

For Baby Shower room decoration packages, please speak to our on-site Florist Aura on Tel: 01375 893598 who can provide balloons, chaircovers and other decorations. You can also visit their website:

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