Website accessibility

We are totally committed to making our website an inclusive experience for all its users, regardless of disability or age-related limitation. Consequently it is in a constant state of evolution and technical improvement, especially with regard to accessibility.

Our website is designed to be compatible with the assistive technologies employed by many web users and to provide a comprehensive user experience. We have currently undertaken many enhancements to our website and will continue to improve our overall web presence.

We have ensured that our website is device independent meaning that it can be navigated using a mouse as well as some assistive devices providing similar functionality.
For ease of reading, users of our site are able to adjust text to their preferential size, via the browser zoom in and zoom out functionality and we have ensured that the colour luminosity contrast between backgrounds and foregrounds is within established guidelines for improved legibility.

Colour is not used as the only method to emphasise a feature and we have not used any rapidly blinking or flashing content that can cause disturbance or adverse effects.
Where appropriate we have attached alternative content to display images to ensure that visitors unable to view them are provided with an explanation of the subject and context. In some instances we will use display techniques that are not accessible but we will always try to provide readable pages and formats as alternatives.
Our objective to be Very Simply, The Best determines that we will continue to improve our website making it an inclusive experience for all users.